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Symbols are memes. Memes are cultural units of information that self-replicate by means of thought-contagion, using the human mind as a host, and attach themselves to individuals, organizations, entire cultures, and societies. Icons, as symbols, are the shorthand language for memes, which without the use of words, convey a message which can be internationally understood across cultural boundaries. The icons behind Coca-Cola, Nike, IBM, and Disney are clear examples of this, each being among the most recognized corporate symbols in the world. The Dynamic Wave, though not even close to being on the same league with the above icons, is nonetheless a memetic icon conveying a message. What is that message?

Early in the preliminary stages of establishing ROSADO CONSULTING for Change in Human Systems, I desired a symbol that would express several messages at the same time: the four groups of people (Black, White, Brown, Yellow) without the use of color, diversity, unity, community, equality, the global village, spiral forces of dynamic waves of social change, proactivity, spirituality, and simplicity. All of these messages are essentially our areas of consulting practice. The Dynamic Wave quickly emerged as an icon that could easily and simply bring out all these foci with a sense of motion. Turquoise became the color of choice, since in Spiral Dynamics theory, it represents the 8th awakening, that level of human existence toward which we are aspiring, but are not there yet. This is the level of holism's, earth as seen from space, the color of the heavens, integrated human existence, the planetary village, a state of interconnectedness with the Divine and all forms of life as one dynamic harmonious web of life. The result is the Dynamic Wave. Who knows, one day it too may have international recognition.

-- Caleb Rosado



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