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Motivating and full of enthusiasm are descriptors that best fit Josué (Josh) Rosado. The younger brother of Caleb, Josué is also bilingual. He brings to his consulting 31 years of educational experience as a teacher and a school administrator, from the elementary to the university level, in both private and public schools. Josué is completing his doctoral program in School Administration in the joint doctoral program of San Diego State University and The Claremont Graduate University. His research area is in the field of "mentoring." A certified Spiral Dynamics consultant, like his brother, Josh is using the framework of Spiral Dynamics for his research on the role of mentoring in education.

He is the former Executive Secretary/Treasurer of L. E. A. R. N. (Latino Educational Advancement and Research Network) Resource Center and Foundation. L. E. A. R. N. is a think tank of Latino professionals who are actively seeking ways to improve the well-being of the Latino community via education. L. E. A. R. N. is currently active in training tutor/mentors through a faith-based model for the AMERICA READS initiative started under of the Clinton Administration.

Josué recently served as the Headmaster of a private high school in Honolulu, Hawaii for six years. He currently resides in Napa, CA where he has recently served as an educational safety consultant to private schools throughout the United States and Canada.

Josué has presented at various professional organizations on topics related to his research and interest. These professional organizations include: The International Mentoring Association (IMA); American Educational Research Association (AERA); and California School Board Association (CSBA).

A special quote from Josué and Caleb's mother, Agapita, is what motivates him to continue his work in building human lives:

Los jóvenes hay que amarlos, respetarlos,
y cuidarlos para que no los dejemos caer
en el fango de la indiferencia.

* * * * * * *

Young people need to be loved,
respected, and nurtured, not let them fall
into the mire of indifference.

-Agapita Rosado, February 18, 1994



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